Soft99 Tire Black wax

Soft99 Tire Black wax

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There is nothing else on the market like this!! 

This hard formulation incorporates mineral wax and ultra fine carbon pigment to bring a natural blackness and shine to your tires and plastic trim. 

Nothing restores faded black parts like this! Non-glossy and naturally black, this product restores the black pigment broken down by stress and UV, to revitalise stained or faded tires and trim. 

How to use the product

1. Remove any dirt in advance and dry the surface to be treated. 

2. Remove lid and take wax onto the provided sponge. 

3. Spread around evenly with the sponge, the dry for 5-10 minutes. 

4. Buff off with a sift cloth for the ultimate naturally black finish. May be applied multiple times to cover up stains. May be buffed further to increase gloss.