Wynn's E10 Protector 250ml

Wynn's E10 Protector 250ml

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Wynn’s Specialist E10 Protector is a specifically developed to prevent problems of corrosion in the fuel when using E10 petrol, whilst also cleaning and reducing friction ensuring maximum engine performance and fuel economy.

Wynn’s Specialist E10 Protector offers motorists an economical solution to eliminate the risk of engine damage when using E10 Fuel whilst optimising performance and drivability.


E10 Petrol is a blend of petrol and 10% ethanol. E10 is better for our environment but may cause irreversible damage to older petrol engines as the ethanol can dislodge deposits causing blockages, and corrode seals, gaskets, metals, plastics, and rubbers in the fuel system.

E10 fuel is also hygroscopic (absorbs water) which in turn makes the fuel more acidic, risking damage to rubber seals and corrosion in the fuel system. All new cars sold since 2011 are guaranteed safe to run on E10, but it’s a lottery with vehicles manufactured before this date.

  • Makes E10 Petrol safe for all petrol engines
  • Protects the entire fuel system against the negative effects of E10 petrol
  • Removes the risk of expensive engine damage by using E10 petrol
  • Protects the fuel system components against corrosion
  • Lubricates and protects the entire fuel system including seals and gaskets
  • Reduces friction and wear of fuel system components
  • Harmless for catalytic convertors
  • Cleans and helps maintain fuel system cleanliness
  • Stabilises fuel preventing oxidation
  • Improves cold start properties
  • Restores engine performance and fuel economy

How to apply

  • For all petrol engines including carburettor, indirect and direct injection engines, and petrol hybrid vehicles
  • For all petrol engines cars, vans, lorries, vintage and classic vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, marine engines, generators, construction & agricultural equipment
  • 1ml treats 1 litre of petrol (25ml treats 25 litres of petrol)
  • Dosage bottle: squeeze the bottle until the required dose is reached
  • Add at every tank filling. For best results add before refuelling